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Gin Week: In Praise of the Better Clear Spirit

Gin, a liquor superior to vodka in nearly every way, is due for a renaissance. It tastes better straight, it makes a classier martini, and it even mixes better with Red Bull. So why does vodka, an all but flavorless … Continue reading

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What Should Bruce Willis Smell Like?

That’s a question a friend asked me after she read my post about Bruce Willis’s new cologne. As long as I’m suggesting different names—Yipee-Ki-Yay was my idea—why not a few thoughts on the scent itself? As ridiculous as it sounds … Continue reading

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Gin Week: What the Hell is the Difference Between Bombay Gin and Bombay Sapphire Gin?

This week, I’ll be posting something new on gin every day, starting the week with a question I’ve been wondering about for years: what’s the difference between the Bombay in the blue bottle and the one in the clear? Besides … Continue reading

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Cocktail Umbrellas from Painkiller

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Rain Fresh, the Great New Scent from the Middlesex County Landfill

The Middlesex County Utilities Authority (MCUA) which posted the photo at left in its July newsletter, calls the scent being sprayed around a East Brunswick, New Jersey landfill as “lemony-smelling.” The chemical is called Rain Fresh, and while it’s been … Continue reading

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Cologne Review: Marc Jacobs Bang

With a name like Bang, you might expect the new men’s fragrance from Marc Jacobs to smack you across the face—or, judging from the ads featuring the designer himself, kick you in the crotch. But it doesn’t: it starts out … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: A Tale of Two Palomas

Dinner at different Mexican restaurants three nights in a row in Las Vegas culminated in two very different Paloma cocktails. The first drink was at a party celebrating the launch of boot designer Mark Nason’s new sunglasses line. The “featured … Continue reading

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