Seven Summer Cocktails from Gothamist

Gothamist, the New York news and culture blog, had a nice little cocktail feature today with recipes for seven drinks created by local bars. My favorite of the Great Summer Cocktails You Can Make at Home may be the brilliantly named Say Hello to My Little Friend, from a bar called Summit on Avenue C in the East Village, but it isn’t the easiest to make: along with gin, it requires a coca leaf liqueur (totally legal!) called Agwa de Bolivia. Fortunately, it’s available from least one NYC liquor store for $35.99.

I prefer cocktails with few ingredients, ones that are easy to come by. The most interesting drink on the list of seven that I could actually make with what I have at home is the “Fat Lever” from Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn’s JakeWalk. Here are their instructions:

2oz Gin (they say Beefeater, I’d use Plymouth)
3/4oz Maple syrup
3/4oz fresh lemon juice
1/4oz Campari

Shake ingredients together and strain over ice in a tall glass. Top with Club Soda and a lemon twist.

I may try that tonight. [UPDATE: I made it, and I’m not impressed. The gin and Campari, sweetened by the maple syrup, combine in a medicinal way unless you add the club soda. But you need so much club soda to give it any fizz that it waters down any good flavor the concoction had left. This drink needs something more, but I’m not sure what.]

The others are:

The Cherry Daquiri from Dutch Kills in Long Island City, Queens. It’s a simple rum drink.

The Hound of the Baskervilles from Ward III in TriBeCa. A whiskey drink with Chartruese, tea and cucumbers.

The Nashi-Citrus Fizz from Betel in the West Village. A St. Germain liqueur-based cocktail with sparkling sake.

The Dr. Funk Cocktail, made by Macao Trading Co., also in TriBeCa. Rum, absinthe, ginger beer with cucumbers and strawberries.

And finally, El Pepino Fresco created by The Randolph at Broome. Another cucumber drink, this time with tequila and St. Germain.

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