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Park Slope’s Long Tan

Long Tan, a ten-year-old Thai bar and restaurant is closing. The owner says the restaurant half will be leased to another business and the bar half will be retained, to reopen as something new. I’ll miss their Dark & Stormies, … Continue reading

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Deceptive Mixtures

The New York Times ‘Diner’s Journal’ blog has a minor expose on the new Gourmet Live app for the iPad, the re-hashed version of the legendary magazine that Conde Nast axed last year. The Times‘ Kim Severson noticed that all … Continue reading

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Cocktails for the Half-Empty Wine Bottle

Via, here are Alex Day’s cocktail ideas for the white wine you didn’t finish: 1. The Sauvignon Blanc Punch (New Zealand sauvignon blanc, Aperol, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda) 2. Sentimental Journey (gin, chablis, cinnamon syrup) 3. … Continue reading

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How To: Chandler Burr on Wearing Cologne

GQ‘s scent critic Chandler Burr (who also writes for the New York Times) had ten bits of cologne-wearing advice in the September issue. Here they are, in truncated form, with my commentary in italics. 1. Do not–no matter what anyone … Continue reading

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Battling Presbyterians

My first Presbyterian was in a bar in Brooklyn off Atlantic Avenue. It was on the cocktail menu and it sounded familiar, so I ordered one. I wondered if the bar had come up with that strange name on its … Continue reading

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Charles Bronson and the Scent of Mandom

Ever heard of Mandom? It was–and still is–a line of Japanese cologne and men’s grooming products that Charles Bronson did ads for in the 70s. From what I’ve gleaned from a combination of Japanese and Indonesian corporate sites, along with … Continue reading

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Sexy Colognes, Part Three: Sexual Pour Homme

On day three of my series of sexy cologne reviews, I test Sexual Pour Homme, the most expensive of the three so far. Each day I wear a different cologne, one that boasts its sexual prowess by name, and I … Continue reading

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