Charles Bronson and the Scent of Mandom

Ever heard of Mandom? It was–and still is–a line of Japanese cologne and men’s grooming products that Charles Bronson did ads for in the 70s. From what I’ve gleaned from a combination of Japanese and Indonesian corporate sites, along with Wikipedia, “Mandom” is a combination of “Human” and “Freedom.” A recent post on the blog Katie Puckrik Smells showing one of the Bronson ads prompted me to do a little digging.

Movie blog Cinema Retro says the ads started in 1970. The one below is long–about two minutes–and it shows a conspicuously dateless Bronson out on town, and then at home, literally showering himself with Mandom.

And it only gets weirder. Watch as “Big Father” Bronson beats his son at arm wrestling, smacks him around a little, drives in the country, and shares some Mandom:

Somewhere in a modern office tower, a “Wanted” ($100,000 reward) cowboy/CEO Bronson twirls in his office chair, dreaming of riding a horse in the desert…and Mandom:

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