Signature Scents

The fragrance blog Now Smell This posted the following quote from Canadian perfume connoisseur and consultant Marian Bendeth:

“Signature scents are ridiculous. You don’t wear one dress everyday. It’s monotonous. It shows an inflexibility in character.”

Bendeth was the subject of a short piece on the blog Fashionista, a piece that sought to introduce people to the world of niche fragrances. But her method wasn’t warm and welcoming (she refused to talk about what perfumes she wore). In fact, her attitude in this piece was the complete opposite of the open and curious one she displayed in an interview with Sinffapalooza last year.

What’s wrong with searching for a signature scent? As I commented in the NST post, I take that notion loosely: it means that I’m looking for something that smells so good and so right on my skin that it wears like a soft and well-traveled leather jacket. It’s what I’d wear without having to think about it, to feel good about myself. It need not be the only scent in my cabinet, just my favorite.

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