Drinking Out: The Bible Belt Cocktail at Cowgirl

Kitschy Cowgirl, a Tex-Mex/Southern bar and restaurant on Hudson Street in the West Village, is on good nights a nice place for fatty comfort food and boozy tequila and whiskey drinks. On a bad night, it’s more like a theme park version of the South, complete with obese tourists and screaming children. Last night fell somewhere in between.

Either way, I needed a cocktail. My choice was the Bible Belt: Maker’s Mark whisky, Triple Sec, lemon and lime juices. It came on the rocks with sugar on the rim and a lemon wedge. It was pretty good, much better than the watered-down Lynchburg Lemonade at Acme, the similarly themed establishment on the other side of town. Such a simple cocktail–do I know this by another name? Isn’t this just a whiskey Sidecar?

So I looked around the web to see if anyone else had renamed a Sidecar, or if Bible Belt was the name for an entirely different drink. Supercocktails.com‘s Bible Belt calls for Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, lime, and sour mix. Drinksmixer.com has a similar recipe, only with Southern Comfort’s peach liqueur. Drinknation.com uses Jack Daniels instead of Southern Comfort. And finally, Webtender.com calls for Southern Comfort.

It’s interesting to me that this drink, at least by this name, did not show up in the more hallowed recipe indexes, like those of Gary Regan, David Wondrich (via Esquire.com), etc. I can only conclude it’s because, a) they see it as a whiskey sidecar; or b) Southern Comfort doesn’t appear in their repertoire. (Are they just traditionalists? Aquavit rarely, if ever, shows up either. Why?) So let’s just call the Bible Belt a trashy sidecar and leave it at that.

If I were to make this at home, I’d stick with whiskey and skip the sour mix in favor of real citrus juices with simple syrup.

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