Alt Innsbruck and the Cult of the Straight Razor

As I admitted yesterday, I don’t shave clean very often. I have a nice double-edged Gillette razor for daily maintenance shaving, but I’m chagrined to say that I never use my badger bristle shaving brush—or even my Proraso shaving cream anymore. No, I use hand soap. I’m in a hurry in the morning, and my bathroom is small: no room for the brush or the Proraso to sit outside of the under-sink cabinets.

As I scanned the comments in Katie Puckrik’s aftershave post, I kept reading about Alt Innsbruck, a tobacco-scented product that starts out with a strong brace of menthol. Fascinated, I looked it up and loved the design of the bottle—and the price, about $30.

I kept searching and found this, a whole community of straight razor aficionados. These guys set up little shaving tableaus and photograph them, giving a small glimpse into an interesting subculture. On one day, there were “hobby-themed” photographs, wherein guys shoot their shaving equipment next to other items, like a movie collection and a model ship. Here’s another day, and another (note the handgun in this one).

I think I’ll stick with my double-edged razor, but I’m inspired to use a proper brush and cream again.

Photo from Straight Razor Place, Shave of the Day, March 9, 2010.

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