Two Clementine Cocktails

When my girlfriend brought home a little crate of Spanish clementines, she asked me if I was going to try to make cocktails out of them. Of course I was. And I started right away.

After some quick web research, I decided to experiment. The first one was with rum:

1.5 oz. Mount Gay rum
half oz. Cointreau
half a peeled and sectioned clementine
juice of half a lime

I muddled the ingredients in a Boston shaker, making sure to get all the clementine sections. I debated whether or not to add any orange bitters; decided not to. I shook it with three ice cubes and poured. It was good, but summery and light. Hardly seemed appropriate for the season.

My next attempt was basically the same drink, only with whiskey:

1.5 oz. Jim Beam
half oz. Cointreau
just over half a peeled and sectioned clementine
juice of half a lime

I used a little more of the clementine this time, and I would do it again for the next rum version. With whiskey, the drink had a heavier, more seasonal flavor to it. I could still taste the whiskey, but the citrus flavors played off it well. It’s more of a drinker’s cocktail with whiskey, and I like it.

I can imagine possibilities with some spices, like ginger, some bitters — orange or otherwise — or maybe vanilla (splash of Tuaca liqueur?).

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