New York Magazine Critic Adam Platt’s Best Cocktails

I was pleased to see one of my favorite cocktails, Clover Club’s Eleventh Hour, on New York Magazine‘s Best Cocktails list, part of restaurant critic Adam Platt’s “Where to Eat 2011” feature in the latest issue. He wrote:

This artful tequila-mescal-and-absinthe drink isn’t just about getting smashed. Before you pass out, you’ll notice that it’s the color of summer daisies and tastes pleasingly of smoke.

But Platt got the ingredients wrong. He missed the aquavit and added absinthe, which wasn’t part of it. (It was reposado tequila, mezcal, aquavit, yellow Chartreuse, lime juice, and cane syrup.)

I haven’t tried the other five drinks on Platt’s list, but they sound delicious. A standout was the Radler at Vandaag, an East Village Dutch/Scandinavian bar and restaurant that specializes in genever gin and farm-to-table food:

This exceptionally soothing libation is made with frothy Belgian wheat beer, limes, and a bracing shot of pineapple-infused aquavit.

Good to see more aquavit on cocktail lists.

Check out the rest of Platt’s “Best Cocktails” list here.

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