The Bronchitini

I invented a cocktail in October of 2009 that I called the Bronchitini, a gin martini with a splash of cough syrup. It’s better than it sounds, honest. I wrote about it on another blog back then, and I figured I’d re-post it here in honor of my cold.

When confronted with a nearly empty liquor cabinet and a yearning for a cocktail, One must innovate. After a recent bout with bronchitis, I found that I had a nice stock of cherry-flavored cough syrup. A new cocktail was born.

2 ozs. gin
one-quarter tsp cough syrup

Start with a chilled martini glass. Swirl the quarter tsp of cough syrup in the glass to coat it. Shake 2 ozs of gin in a cocktail shaker with ice to cool it. Pour gin into the cough syrup-coated martini glass.

Notes: I’ve attempted this drink with a cough drop as a garnish, but it becomes sickly sweet. The beauty of the cough syrup is that it’s sweet, but not too sweet. A tiny bit adds a bittersweet edge to the gin, and flavors it quite subtly. I used prescription cough syrup, but over-the-counter varieties would certainly work. I’d avoid children’s cough syrup (too sweet). The amount of codeine in a quarter tsp of cough syrup will be negligible, so go ahead, make two.

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3 Responses to The Bronchitini

  1. aprilxyzco says:

    Cough syrup in or as a cocktail is, unfortunately, not too new. A cocktail with cough syrup (prescription strength) as its base ingredient is called purple drank or sometimes, sizzurp as I recently learned courtesy of the Far East Movement’s ear worm of a song “Like a G6″….”Poppin’ bottles in the ice like a blizzard/When we drink we do it right gettin’ slizzard/Sippin sizzurp in my ride like Three 6/Now I’m feelin’ so fly like a G6”

  2. What can I say? From what I gather, purple drank, aka sizzurp, is non-alcoholic: cough syrup + soft drink (Sprite or Mountain Dew) + Jolly Ranchers. I’m sure the variations are endless and regional. My version is pretty tame in comparison, as the cough syrup is just a flavoring — you’ll get more alcohol than codeine.

    I also had a cocktail idea I called the Dexetrini, which was a martini with a Dexetrim weight-loss tablet as a garnish. That one hasn’t gotten out of the idea phase yet though.

  3. Now that I’m thinking about it, isn’t ironic that a song about drinking cough syrup to get high, something pretty working class (forgive me if I don’t call it ghetto), compares it to flying in a Gulfstream luxury jet?

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