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First Smell: Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens

As I walked into a cafe this morning to get a cup of coffee, I smelled fresh-baked buttery croissants. This is not terribly far from the smell of Serge Lutens’ latest (February 2011) fragrance, Jeux de Peau. In fact, when … Continue reading

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Brooklyn’s Two Gins

Earlier this year, I was in my neighborhood liquor store in Brooklyn, chatting with one of the owners. “Have you tried Brooklyn Gin yet?” he asked. I had, I told him, and I’d even bought a bottle after touring the … Continue reading

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International Smokey Cocktails

Singapore has some really expensive bars. Reading Kara Newman’s piece for Reuters on where to drink in Singapore for the business traveler, I was intrigued by a bar called the Tippling Club. Apparently, a Singapore restaurateur got a celebrated Australian … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineered: The Bittered Sling at Heaven’s Dog

When I was in San Francisco last month, one of the cocktail bars I made a point of going to was Heaven’s Dog, an offshoot of The Slanted Door, a restaurant and bar that was recommended to me numerous times. … Continue reading

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The Magic of Smoked Agave Syrup

My obsession with the aroma and flavor of smoke has led me to some great scotches and mezcals, a smoked beer from Germany, an array of mostly disappointing bottles of liquid smoke flavoring, and a variety of smoky colognes. I … Continue reading

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More New Orleans Cocktails

This cocktail comes from Washington Post columnist and Boozehound author Jason Wilson, from an article on Mardi Gras cocktails. It’s called a Cajun Lemonade, and this recipe makes eight servings: 12oz. cachaca 4oz. Pimm’s No 1 8oz. freshly squeezed lemon … Continue reading

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The Brooklyn Bitters Boom

After trying some of A.B. Smeby Bittering Co.’s bitters at Thistle Hill Tavern last weekend, I remembered another Brooklyn bitters business, one I read about on Kara Newman’s blog, called Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters. Were there others? I thought I’d read … Continue reading

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