Last night’s Drink.Think event of readings by beverage and cocktail writers was great fun. The readings, the second organized by writer Kara Newman (a cocktail blogger and author of a spicy cocktail recipe book), were held in a cramped side room at Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village.

There were three entertaining tales of drunkenness in foreign lands: Nora Maynard on Tokyo and Lisa McLaughlin and Andrew Gottlieb each on Ireland.

Robert Simonson, who writes for the New York Times, Imbibe, and other publications (and has an excellent cocktails and spirits blog) read a piece he wrote for Imbibe about the State of Wisconsin’s obsession with Korbel brandy and brandy old fashioneds. Read it here on his blog—it’s hilarious. “Of the 360,000 cases of brandy produced by the California-based winery [Korbel] in 2007, some 150,000 went to America’s Dairyland,” he wrote. Who knew?

Jason Wilson, the spirits columnist for the Washington Post who read at the first Drink.Think, came back and read from his September 2010 book Boozehound: On the trail of the rare, the obscure, and the overrated in spirits. His account of his conversations with the guy who started the St. Germain liqueur, in which Wilson tried to get the man to fess up about his story about French men with berets carrying elderflower blossoms on bicycles down from a certain mountain village once a year for the production of St. Germain were almost worth the price of the book alone.

And finally, David Wondrich, author of the new book Punch: The delights (and dangers) of the flowing bowl, started his reading with a giant flask full of punch. We never found out what was in the punch, but it was delicious.

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