The Brooklyn Bitters Boom

After trying some of A.B. Smeby Bittering Co.’s bitters at Thistle Hill Tavern last weekend, I remembered another Brooklyn bitters business, one I read about on Kara Newman’s blog, called Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters. Were there others? I thought I’d read about at least one more, so I started looking around the Internet. Wow, a Brooklyn bitters trend, that would make a great blog post, I thought.

And then I discovered that Robert Simonson beat me to it by about a year in Edible Brooklyn. It’s a great article that covers A.B. Smeby, Brooklyn Hemisphereical Bitters, cartoonist and bitters maker Matt Madden, and writer, bartender, and possible Cosmopolitan inventor Toby Cecchini. Read it on Simonson’s blog.

Incidentally, I’ve also noticed a Midwestern trend here. Like me, Smeby is from Minnesota, and like Simonson, Cecchini is from Wisconsin.

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