International Smokey Cocktails

Singapore has some really expensive bars. Reading Kara Newman’s piece for Reuters on where to drink in Singapore for the business traveler, I was intrigued by a bar called the Tippling Club. Apparently, a Singapore restaurateur got a celebrated Australian bartender, Matthew Bax of Der Raum in Melbourne, to come in as a consultant. As near as I can tell, this somehow led to Bax and his friend, chef Ryan Clift, to start Tippling Club. Whatever the case, Bax created some bizarre cocktails, like the Smokey Old Bastard, which Kara mentions in her Reuters piece. It mixes smokey whisky, sweet tobacco, and orange smoke in a jar with a lid, and it’s about $20 in the current exchange rate. I’d love to know more: how do they make the orange smoke? Does it actually help flavor the drink (and if so, it both smokey and orangey), or is it more for show? Is the whisky I assume it’s a single malt scotch) infused with sweet tobacco (one blogger says it’s “house infused cigar bourbon”), or is this ingredient added another way?

More questions arise with the Velvet Fog cocktail, which isn’t listed on the online menu, but was mentioned by some food bloggers last June. According to them it’s “Tanqueray gin, champagne, creme de violette, and floral violet fog mixed together in a science lab beaker and poured out on the spot.” Their photos show the dramatic pouring.

Wish I could afford an exploratory cocktail mission to Singapore.

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