The Cost of a Drink: The Trident Cocktail

I’ve been dying to try Robert Hess’s Trident Cocktail, a variation on the Negroni that substitutes each ingredient for something more unusual and adds peach bitters. I’m excited to make this drink because it’s one of a very few that make use of aquavit as a base. The Trident keeps popping up in my online reading. First while browsing Jason Wilson’s archived cocktail recipe list at the Washington Post, and then via Portland, Oregon’s Clyde Common, the birthplace of barrel-aged cocktails (bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who invented barrel aging cocktails, serves aged Tridents there).

Like the Negroni, each of the three main ingredients are used in equal measure:

1oz. Aquavit
1oz. Cynar
1oz. Dry sherry
2 dashes peach bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with ice. Garnish: lemon twist

As eager as I am to make a Trident, I don’t have any of the four ingredients. Let’s look at how much that first Trident will cost me:

Linie Aquavit: $28
Cynar Apéritif: $23
Dry sherry: $15
Fee Bros. peach bitters: $7

That’s a total of $73 for the first Trident.

From my earlier research, $60 to $70 seems about typical for your average cocktail with three or four boozy ingredients. It’ll be a little while before I make that first Trident.

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