PKNY Shut Down?

Eater is reporting that PKNY, the bar formerly known as Painkiller, has been shut down by the Department of Health. Rumor is the bar (which got a nasty low grade after a health inspection shortly after Pusser’s rum forced them to change their name) neglected to renew its liquor license.

[UPDATE: 6-24-11] The Lo-Down, the blog that first reported PKNY/Painkiller’s name change and lawsuit, reported that PKNY has reopened. Apparently, they had been shut down, in the words of the Dept. of Health, “for operating without a current Health Department permit.” That DOH representative added, “The owners had also been cited for operating without a current permit on three previous inspections.”

Either way, the owner told The Lo-Down that PKNY was reopening that evening, yesterday, Thursday the 23rd.

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2 Responses to PKNY Shut Down?

  1. Brian says:

    well, they won’t get any defense from me this time around. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean. I guess they’ve re-opened again, but it’s sad to see a great bar going through some shit that really seems preventable. Let’s hope they get it together.

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