Taiwan’s Whisky Market

Taiwan, the disputed island nation off the coast of China, is becoming a player in the global whisky market — both in terms of consumption and production.

It’s now the number five scotch export market, according to the Scotch Whisky Association:

USA £267.6m (+14%)
France £219.5m (+13%)
Singapore £148.5m (+64%)
Spain £97.2m (-16%)
Taiwan £70.3m (+45%)
South Korea £65.8m (-13%)
South Africa £65.5m (+24%)
Germany £62.1m (+22%)
Brazil £44.8m (+56%)
UAE £41.9m (+29%)

Back in mid-2010, when the New York Times profiled the Taiwan-based Kavalan Distillery, the country (population: 23 million) was ranked tenth among export markets for Scotch whisky (by value), with export volume increasing 80% over the last ten years.

Earlier in 2010, Kavalan famously beat Scotch in a blind taste test that pitted Kavalan against three Scotches and an English whisky.

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