An Amager Rugporter at Beer Table

Amager Rugporter at Beer Table

After maybe five unsuccessful attempts over the last six months to visit Beer Table (my last trip had been in June), the tiny beer and small plates establishment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I finally managed to get in. Each time it was either unexpectedly closed, packed for private party, or just plain packed.

I enjoyed a dark, heavy porter from the Danish micro-brewery, Amager, called Rugporter, which translates to “rye porter.” But the highlight was a non-alcoholic pop on tap from Brooklyn Soda Works: the Grapefruit Jalepeno Soda. It wasn’t particularly spicy, but the vegetal freshness of the jalepenos — an almost green bell pepper flavor — mixed perfectly with the funky citrus of the grapefruit. It’s the kind of thing I’d love to try to make a paloma out of.

And on a side note, the oil lamp on the left in the photo above is burning olive oil. I had no idea olive oil would burn, but now I’m eager to try it. I’m told that it burns very clean, with little or no scent, but that an olive oil infused with something would smell great.

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