Derek Brown Shows Chainsaw Skills with a Cocktail Created for Lost Boys DC

Occasionally, my day job covering men’s clothing for a trade magazine and this blog collide in unexpected ways. In the latest example, a Washington, D.C. menswear store that one of my colleagues has written about a number of times has released a series of videos featuring local chefs and bartenders. I was delighted to see a familiar face: Derek Brown of the Columbia Room and The Passenger. I’ve been reading his cocktails articles in The Atlantic for years. I’ve set foot in The Passenger once before, but didn’t manage to find my way through the crowd to the bar. I’ll be sure to remedy that the next time I’m in D.C.

Below, Brown demonstrates a special cocktail he created for Kelly Muccio’s Lost Boys. Since the recipe is secret (we know only that it calls for a Japanese single malt whiskey), the best part is his cutting an ice block with a chainsaw, and then again with a Japanese ice saw. Muccio doesn’t seem to like the drink, but then, it’s supposed to be a manly drink so we’ll give her a pass.

Muccio has worked with Brown before. Back in 2009, she had him judge a cocktail contest to celebrate her store’s first anniversary. Here’s a recipe from that event:

The Lost Boys Cocktail

2oz Compass Box Peat Monster Scotch
1 tsp Lyle’s Golden Corn Syrup
dash Fee Brother’s Orange Bitters
dash Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Orange Peel Garnish

I tried a variation on that theme at home using Bowmore Legend, a peaty single malt that may be my new value favorite, and agave syrup in place of Lyle’s Golden Corn Syrup. Not bad. Adjusting the sweetness is critical here, but once that’s done, you’ve got a fine scotch-based variation on the Old Fashioned.

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