Aesop’s Incredibly Good Smelling Hand Soap

Every once in a while, I smell something so bewitching that I can’t stop going back to it over and over. Twice in recent memory, this happened with a hand soap. Consequently, I end up walking around compulsively smelling my hands, trying not to look creepy.

The last time this occurred was in May in the bathroom of a very nice restaurant in Midtown. The soap was Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash. It’s an herbal lavender-scented gel that also includes notes of cedar, orange, and rosemary. I can’t properly describe or emphasize how well these commonly mixed ingredients work together here.

A 500ml (17 ounce) bottle of this remarkable hand soap will set you back an intimidating $37. That’s either good (because such a remarkable soap shouldn’t be used lightly) or bad (because something so intoxicating should be used all the time). The Resurrection line is sadly limited to hand products: soap, lotion, and hand sanitizer. I’d love to see it in something else, maybe a cologne or shaving cream.

Aesop opened another New York store this fall, its third. It’s on Bleecker in the West Village, pictured above. Interestingly, all three of Aesop’s NYC shops are below 14th Street.

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