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45th Parallel Distilling: “We’re Going to be Known for Whiskey”

Paul Werni, whose 45th Parallel Distillery opened in 2007, is a pioneer of the nascent Minnesota and Wisconsin spirits scene. His was one of the first new distilleries to open in the two states at the beginning of the craft … Continue reading

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Gamle Ode Holiday Aquavit

Since I interviewed Mike McCarron, founder and creator of Gamle Ode Aquavit in November, I’ve gotten to know him a little better and—full disclosure—I’ve done a little work for him and his brand. It’s been exciting for me both as … Continue reading

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Ode to a Dill-Flavored Aquavit

Mike McCarron started Gamle Ode, his new aquavit brand, in an effort to recreate a unique Danish dill aquavit he drank on a magical evening in Iceland ten years ago. “It was an eye-opening experience for me, a very worldly, … Continue reading

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