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A Few Words About Jersey Lightning

When I met with cocktail journalist Robert Simonson recently to talk about his new book, The Old-Fashioned, I asked him about how he did his research. One tool that I didn’t realize was so readily available was the archives of … Continue reading

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Apple Brandy and Whiskey, Three Ways

I’ve been in a months-long straight spirits phase, enjoying bourbon and rye neat rather than mixing any cocktails. It started last summer when I got weary of complicated cocktails and the frustration of missing obscure ingredients or unique bitters. And … Continue reading

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The Price of Whiskey in America

As a whiskey aficionado of limited means, the price of things is constantly on my mind. So when I picked up a bottle of Old Forester Signature bourbon at my neighborhood liquor store for $39, I didn’t take it lightly. … Continue reading

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