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My Top Three Failed Cocktail Ideas…and the Better Classics That Inspired Them

Some of the greatest cocktails are simply variations on classics, substituting one spirit for another. There are dozens of great riffs on the Negroni (like the whiskey-based Boulevardier), and you can make an Old Fashioned out of just about any … Continue reading

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More easy summer cocktails

Following up on the New York Times article about simple summer drinks, the paper asked readers for their favorites via the Diner’s Journal blog. Readers responded in the comments and Twitter. I wholeheartedly agree with the first tweet, which advocated … Continue reading

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Battling Presbyterians

My first Presbyterian was in a bar in Brooklyn off Atlantic Avenue. It was on the cocktail menu and it sounded familiar, so I ordered one. I wondered if the bar had come up with that strange name on its … Continue reading

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