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Drinking Out: A Can-hattan at Uncle Barry’s

In the Twin Cities, where I’m from, neighborhood bars don’t just close after ten years; they tend to stay around for while, and they tend to be old. Which is why it’s so jarring to see them disappear in New … Continue reading

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Moonshine Cocktails? Yes!

On Wednesday, I wrote about the unaged white whiskey category and how often it can be an overpriced novelty. Aside from the flavor factor (an argument articulated by Maker’s Mark’s Kevin Smith, who said, “Why would anyone want to drink … Continue reading

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The Times on Simple Refreshing Cocktails

If there’s one thing the home bartender needs, it’s great cocktail recipes that don’t call for too many ingredients. The New York Times article, Summer Cocktails Made Simpler, celebrates such drinks. Robert Willey writes, “No matter how refreshing the payoff, … Continue reading

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St. Germain Cocktails

Why do I keep hearing so much about St. Germain lately? The elderflower liqueur seems to be everywhere. If you’re looking for something to do with it, bartender and blogger Jamie Boudreau has created a site to archive all the … Continue reading

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