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Not Your Father’s Root Beer is Not My Root Beer Either

It took me one sip to realize that I’m not the target market for this syrupy-sweet soda with a hidden boozy kick. While it sounds folksier than Smirnoff Ice and craftier than Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Not Your Father’s Root Beer … Continue reading

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The Experts: Garrett Oliver on Mass Market American Beer

In my pre-Thanksgiving post, I mentioned Garrett Oliver’s The Brewmaster’s Table. If I had a book this good for every subject I was interested in, I’d be a very happy and informed man. The subtitle of the book is “Discovering … Continue reading

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Weird Summer Beer in a Can

Opening my fridge to grab a beer, I noticed that all I had was heavy, thick, high-alcohol brews that don’t seem appropriately refreshing for humid summer weather. I needed something lighter. A good lager would do, but I’ve been seeking … Continue reading

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Drinking Out: Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop

In Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park neighborhood, a few streets south of the tree-lined blocks of Victorian houses, is its main drag, Cortelyou Road. To people who live here, Cortelyou Road’s continuing development is the double-edged sword of a decades-long gentrification process. … Continue reading

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An Amager Rugporter at Beer Table

After maybe five unsuccessful attempts over the last six months to visit Beer Table (my last trip had been in June), the tiny beer and small plates establishment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I finally managed to get in. Each time … Continue reading

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Garrett Oliver Talks Beer with Gothamist

Here’s a snippet from a great interview from Gothamist with Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery and editor-in-chief of the newly released 960 page Oxford Companion to Beer. If you could wave your hand and make one beer disappear … Continue reading

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Per Capita Beverage Consumption

Advertising Age, in a story today about Americans’ drinking habits, reported that soft drinks are still the most consumed beverage in the country, followed by bottled water and then beer. Distilled spirits as a category has gained since 2005, with … Continue reading

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